Daisy Balloon book order site Contact : Daisy Balloon 1892-1-4, Ushikubochou, Tsuzuki-ku,
 Yokohama Kanagawa, 224-0011 Japan

 Tel +81-45-511-8538 orderjapan@daisyballoon.com DAISY BALLOON (Balloon Artist) DAISY BALLOON is a balloon unit of worldwide balloon artist Rie Hosokai (born 1976)and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada (born 1976). Since forming in 2008, they have produced many balloon art works based on the themes of “perception and quality.” Above all, the balloon dresses have fascinated many people through the intricacy of detail that suggests architectural qualities. Their daily fieldwork consists of searching for philosophical themes and interacting with people and objects, but their vision is constantly looking toward achieving essential harmony with their surroundings. www.daisyballoon.com